Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 4/2012     15. Oct. 2012
15. Oct. 2012
Pages: 265 - 351

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Page 267-276
Topical Review: Sleep Bruxism, Headaches, and Sleep-Disordered Breathing in Children and Adolescents
Carra, Maria Clotilde / Bruni, Olivero / Huynh, Nelly
Page 277-287
The Effects of Capsaicin-Induced Intraoral Mucosal Pain on Jaw Movements in Humans
Zhao, Nan Nan / Whittle, Terry / Murray, Greg M. / Peck, Christopher C.
Page 288-295
Lack of Temporal Summation but Distinct Aftersensations to Thermal Stimulation in Patients with Combined Tension-Type Headache and Myofascial Temporomandibular Disorder
Sato, Hitoshi / Saisu, Hironori / Muraoka, Wataru / Nakagawa, Taneaki / Svensson, Peter / Wajima, Koichi
Page 296-306
Quality and Content of Internet-Based Information on Temporomandibular Disorders
Park, Min Woo / Jo, Jeong Hwan / Park, Ji Woon
Page 315-320
The Characteristics of Autonomic Nervous System Disorders in Burning Mouth Syndrome and Parkinson Disease
Koszewicz, Magdalena / Mendak, Magdalena / Konopka, Tomasz / Koziorowska-Gawron, Ewa / Budrewicz, Sławomir
Page 321-327
The Relationship Between Resting Arterial Blood Pressure and Acute Postoperative Pain in Endodontic Patients
King, James Wayne / Bair, Eric / Duggan, Derek / Maixner, William / Khan, Asma A.
Page 328-336
Effect of Estrogen and Dietary Loading on Condylar Cartilage
Orajärvi, Marko / Yu, Shi-Bin / Liu, Xiaodong / Tiilikainen, Petri / Wang, Meiqing / Raustia, Aune / Pirttiniemi, Pertti
Page 337-344
Validation of a Novel Rat-Holding Device for Studying Heat- and Mechanical-Evoked Trigeminal Nocifensive Behavioral Responses
Garrett, Filip G. / Hawkins, Jordan L. / Overmyer, Allison E. / Hayden, Joshua B. / Durham, Paul L.
Page 345-346
Literature Abstracts
Nixdorf, Donald
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Page 347-348
Meeting Review
Eli, Illana
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Page 349-351
Academy News
Mier, Robert W.
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