Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 4/2014     19. Dec. 2014
19. Dec. 2014
Pages: 297 - 373

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Page 299-305
Sleep Bruxism and Sleep-Disordered Breathing: A Systematic Review
De Luca Canto, Graziela / Singh, Vandana / Gozal, David / Major, Paul W. / Flores-Mir, Carlos
Page 306-316
Quantitative Sensory Testing in Patients With or Without Ongoing Pain One Year After Orthognathic Surgery
Luo, Yi / Svensson, Peter / Jensen, Janek Dalsgaard / Jensen, Thomas / Neuman, Bjarne / Arendt-Nielsen, Lars / Wang, Kelun
Page 317-321
Craniofacial Pain of Cardiac Origin Is Associated with Inferior Wall Ischemia
Kreiner, Marcelo / Alvarez, Ramón / Waldenström, Anders / Michelis, Virginia / Muñiz, Rosana / Isberg, Annika
Page 322-330
Temporomandibular Disorder Pain Is Related to the General Disposition to be Anxious
Reissmann, Daniel R. / John, Mike T. / Seedorf, Hartwig / Doering, Stephan / Schierz, Oliver
Page 331-337
Bony Deviations Revealed by Cone Beam Computed Tomography of the Temporomandibular Joint in Subjects Without Ongoing Pain
Bakke, Merete / Petersson, Arne / Wiese, Mie / Svanholt, Palle / Sonnesen, Liselotte
Page 346-349
Orofacial Pain of Muscular Origin Is Not Associated with Herpes Virus-6 Infection: A Pilot Study
Shoji, Yoshinobu / Choo, Heng Lungh / Leong, Chee Onn / Oo, Aung Lwin / Townsend, Grant
Page 350-359
Pregabalin Reduces Acute Inflammatory and Persistent Pain Associated with Nerve Injury and Cancer in Rat Models of Orofacial Pain
Hummig, Wagner / Kopruszinski, Caroline Machado / Chichorro, Juliana Geremias
Page 360-362
Ectopic Presence of Tooth Within the Mandibular Condyle
Song, Yun-Heon / Tae, Il-Ho / Kim, Young Han / Kim, Youn Joong
Page 363-365
Literature Abstracts
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Page 366
Meeting Review
Eli, Ilana
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Page 368-373
Academy News
Mier, Robert W. / Lang, Maureen
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