Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 2/2011     15. May 2011
15. May 2011
Pages: 97 - 181

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Page 107-116
Adolescents with Temporomandibular Disorder Pain-The Living with TMD Pain Phenomenon
Nilsson, Ing-Marie / List, Thomas / Willman, Ania
Page 117-124
Differences in Psychosocial Functioning and Sleep Quality Between Idiopathic Continuous Orofacial Neuropathic Pain Patients and Chronic Masticatory Muscle Pain Patients
Porto, Felipe / De Leeuw, Reny / Evans, Daniel R. / Carlson, Charles R. / Yepes, Juan F. / Branscum, Adam / Okeson, Jeffrey P.
Page 131-140
Unexplained Somatic Comorbidities in Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Controlled Clinical Study
Mignogna, Michele D. / Pollio, Annamaria / Fortuna, Giulio / Leuci, Stefania / Ruoppo, Elvira / Adamo, Daniela / Zarrelli, Claudia
Page 141-152
Oral Pain and Eating Problems in Spanish Adults and Elderly in the Spanish National Survey Performed in 2005
Montero, Javier / Bravo, Manuel / Vicente, Maria-Purificación / Galindo, Maria-Purificación / López-Valverde, Antonio / Casals, Elías / Cortés-Martinicorena, F-Javier / Llodra, Juan-Carlos
Page 153-160
Risk Factors for Anterior Disc Displacement with Reduction and Intermittent Locking in Adolescents
Kalaykova, Stanimira I. / Lobbezoo, Frank / Naeije, Machiel
Page 161-169
Quantitative Sensory Testing in the Trigeminal Region: Site and Gender Differences
Matos, Renata / Wang, Kelun / Jensen, Janek Dalsgaard / Jensen, Thomas / Neuman, Bjarne / Svensson, Peter / Arendt-Nielsen, Lars
Page 170-173
Nighttime Facial Pain Induced by Myxoma of the Maxillary Sinus: A Case Report
Hong, Young-Ho / Hong, Joon-Hyeong / Park, Chong-Yoon / Mun, Seog-Kyun
Page 174-175
Literature Abstracts
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Page 176
Meeting Review: The Decades of Dubner Celebration
Stohler, Christian / Traub, Richard
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Page 177-181
Academy News
Kaspo, Ghabi
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