Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 3/2011     15. Sep. 2011
15. Sep. 2011
Pages: 189 - 281

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Page 190-198
Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorder-type Pain and Comorbid Pains in a National US Sample
Plesh, Octavia / Adams, Sally H. / Gansky, Stuart A.
Page 199-209
Head and Cervical Posture in Patients with Temporomandibular Disorders
Armijo-Olivo, Susan / Rappoport, Karen / Fuentes, Jorge / Gadotti, Inae Caroline / Major, Paul W. / Warren, Sharon / Thie, Norman M. R. / Magee, David J.
Page 210-222
Development and Validation of a Screening Checklist for Temporomandibular Disorders
Zhao, Nan Nan / Evans, R. Wendell / Byth, Karen / Murray, Greg M. / Peck, Christopher C.
Page 223-231
Influence of Cross-Sectional Temporomandibular Joint Tomography on Diagnosis and Management Decisions of Patients with Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
Wiese, Mie / Wenzel, Ann / Hintze, Hanne / Petersson, Arne / Knutsson, Kerstin / Bakke, Merete / List, Thomas / Svensson, Peter
Page 232-239
Nocturnal Heart Rate Variability Is Lower in Temporomandibular Disorder Patients Than in Healthy, Pain-free Individuals
Eze-Nliam, Chete M. / Quartana, Phillip J. / Quain, Angela M. / Smith, Michael T.
Page 240-249
A Mandibular Advancement Appliance Reduces Pain and Rhythmic Masticatory Muscle Activity in Patients with Morning Headache
Franco, Laurent / Rompré, Pierre H. / Grandmont, Pierre de / Abe, Susumu / Lavigne, Gilles J.
Page 250-260
Control of Jaw-Clenching Forces in Dentate Subjects
Testa, Marco / Rolando, Mara / Roatta, Silvestro
Page 261-268
Effect of Estrogen and Altered Diet Hardness on the Expression of Estrogen Receptor Alpha and Matrix Metalloproteinase-8 in Rat Condylar Cartilage
Orajärvi, Marko / Hirvonen, Outi / Yu, Shi-Bin / Liu, Xiaodong / Tiilikainen, Petri / Wang, Meiqing / Raustia, Aune / Pirttiniemi, Pertti
Page 269-271
Elongated Styloid Process: An Unusual Cause of Neck Pain and Difficulty in Swallowing
Jain, Deshraj / Chauhan, Jaideep Singh / Jain, Sandhya / Goel, Gaurav
Page 272-274
Literature Abstracts
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Page 279-281
Academy News
Kaspo, Ghabi A.
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