Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 2/2013     25. Apr. 2013
25. Apr. 2013
Pages: 97 - 186

Page 97-98
Editorial: Painful Posttraumatic Trigeminal Neuropathy: A Recently Recognized Entity
Woda, Alain
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Page 99-110
Epidemiology of Bruxism in Adults: A Systematic Review of the Literature
Manfredini, Daniele / Winocur, Ephraim / Guarda-Nardini, Luca / Paesani, Daniel / Lobbezoo, Frank
Page 111-122
Development of a Quality-Assessment Tool for Experimental Bruxism Studies:
 Reliability and Validity
Dawson, Andreas / Raphael, Karen G. / Glaros, Alan / Axelsson, Susanna / Arima, Taro / Ernberg, Malin / Farella, Mauro / Lobbezoo, Frank / Manfredini, Daniele / Michelotti, Ambra / Svensson, Peter / List, Thomas
Page 123-134
Females with Sleep Bruxism Show Lower Theta and Alpha Electroencephalographic Activity Irrespective of Transient Morning Masticatory Muscle Pain
Abe, Susumu / Carra, Maria Clotilde / Huynh, Nelly T. / Rompré, Pierre H. / Lavigne, Gilles J.
Page 135-141
Family and School Environmental Predictors of Sleep Bruxism in Children
Rossi, Debora / Manfredini, Daniele
Page 142-150
Chronic Temporomandibular Disorders Are Not Necessarily Associated with a Compromised Endogenous Analgesic System
Garrett, Pauline H. / Sarlani, Eleni / Grace, Edward G. / Greenspan, Joel D.
Page 151-164
Seven-Year Follow-up of Patients Diagnosed with Atypical Odontalgia: A Prospective Study
Pigg, Maria / Svensson, Peter / Drangsholt, Mark / List, Thomas
Page 165-170
Chairside Intraoral Qualitative Somatosensory Testing: Reliability and Comparison Between Patients with Atypical Odontalgia and
Healthy Controls
Baad-Hansen, Lene / Pigg, Maria / Ivanovic, Susanne Elmasry / Faris, Hanan / List, Thomas / Drangsholt, Mark / Svensson, Peter
Page 181-182
Literature Abstracts
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Page 183
Letter to the Editor
Selms, Maurits K. A. van / Visscher, Corine M. / Naeije, Machiel / Lobbezoo, Frank
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Page 184
Meeting Review
Stohler, Christian S.
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Page 185-186
Academy News
Mier, Robert W.
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