Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 4/2013     23. Oct. 2013
23. Oct. 2013
Pages: 289 - 377

Page 289-290
Editorial: Cognitive Diagnostic Errors
Palla, Sandro
Page 293-303
The Psychosocial and Affective Burden of Posttraumatic Neuropathy Following Injuries to the Trigeminal Nerve
Smith, Jared G. / Elias, Leigh-Ann / Yilmaz, Zehra / Barker, Sarah / Shah, Kunal / Shah, Sajni / Renton, Tara
Page 304-313
Sleep Disturbance in Patients with Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Case-Control Study
Adamo, Daniela / Schiavone, Vittorio / Aria, Massimo / Leuci, Stefania / Ruoppo, Elvira / Dell'Aversana, Giovanni / Mignogna, Michele D.
Page 314-324
Research Diagnostic Criteria Axis II in Screening and as a Part of Biopsychosocial Subtyping of Finnish Patients with Temporomandibular Disorder Pain
Suvinen, Tuija I. / Kemppainen, Pentti / Bell, Yrsa Le / Valjakka, Anna / Vahlberg, Tero / Forssell, Heli
Page 325-335
Treatment of Comorbid Migraine and Temporomandibular Disorders: A Factorial, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Study
Goncalves, Daniela A.G. / Camparis, Cinara M. / Speciali, José G. / Castanharo, Sabrina M. / Ujikawa, Liliana T. / Lipton, Richard B. / Bigal, Marcelo E.
Page 336-342
Application of a New Palpometer for Intraoral Mechanical Pain Sensitivity Assessment
Naganawa, Takuya / Iida, Takashi / Baad-Hansen, Lene / Ando, Tomohiro / Svensson, Peter
Page 343-349
The Influence of Myofascial Temporomandibular Disorder Pain on the Pressure Pain Threshold of Women During a Migraine Attack
Fiamengui, Lívia Maria Sales Pinto / Carvalho, João José Freitas de / Cunha, Carolina Ortigosa / Bonjardim, Leonardo Rigoldi / Filho, Jorge Francisco Fiamengui / Conti, Paulo César Rodrigues
Page 350-360
Pain and Intramuscular Release of Algesic Substances in the Masseter Muscle After Experimental Tooth-Clenching Exercises in Healthy Subjects
Dawson, Andreas / Ghafouri, Bijar / Gerdle, Björn / List, Thomas / Svensson, Peter / Ernberg, Malin
Page 361-366
Isobolographic Analysis in Mice of the Interaction of Gabapentin and Nortriptyline in Relieving Orofacial Pain
Miranda, Hugo F. / Noriega, Viviana / Zanetta, Pilar / Prieto, Juan Carlos
Page 367-371
Cutaneous Mastocytosis as a Rare Differential Diagnosis for Unilateral Chronic Facial Pain and Erythema: A Case Report
Troeltzsch, Matthias / Berndt, Ronald / Woodlock, Timothy / Messlinger, Karl / Troeltzsch, Markus
Page 372-373
Literature Abstracts
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Page 376-377
Academy News
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