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Journal of Oral & Facial Pain and Headache



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Issue 4/2017     23. Nov. 2017
23. Nov. 2017
Pages: 297 - 417

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Page 299-305
Interaction Between Awake and Sleep Bruxism Is Associated with Increased Presence of Painful Temporomandibular Disorder
Reissmann, Daniel R. / John, Mike T. / Aigner, Annette / Schön, Gerhard / Sierwald, Ira / Schiffman, Eric L.
Page 306-312
Does Sleep Bruxism Contribute to Headache-Related Disability After Mild Traumatic Brain Injury? A Case-Control Study
Suzuki, Yoshitaka / Arbour, Caroline / Khoury, Samar / Giguère, Jean-François / Denis, Ronald / De Beaumont, Louis / Lavigne, Gilles J.
Page 313-322
Subjective Sleep Quality in Temporomandibular Disorder Patients and Association with Disease Characteristics and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life
Benoliel, Rafael / Zini, Avraham / Zakuto, Avraham / Slutzky, Hulio / Haviv, Yaron / Sharav, Yair / Almoznino, Galit
Page 323-330
Comparing Axis II Scores According to the RDC/TMD and DC/TMD in Israeli Patients
Reiter, Shoshana / Eli, Ilana / Friedman-Rubin, Pessia / Emodi-Perlman, Alona / Ziv-Baran, Tomer / Winocur, Ephraim
Page 331-338
Are Pain-Related Temporomandibular Disorders the Product of an Interaction Between Psychological Factors and Self-Reported Bruxism?
van Selms, Maurits K.A. / Muzalev, Konstantin / Visscher, Corine M. / Koutris, Michail / Bulut, Melike / Lobbezoo, Frank
Page 339-345
Headache Exacerbates Pain Characteristics in Temporomandibular Disorders
Costa, Yuri Martins / Alves da Costa, Dayse Regina / de Lima Ferreira, Ana Paula / Porporatti, André Luís / Svensson, Peter / Rodrigues Conti, Paulo César / Bonjardim, Leonardo Rigoldi
Page 346-352
Postpartum Headache: A Prospective Study
Anzola, Gian Paolo / Brighenti, Renato / Cobelli, Milena / Giossi, Alessia / Mazzucco, Sara / Olivato, Silvia / Pari, Elisa / Piras, Maria Paola / Padovani, Alessandro / Rinaldi, Fabrizio / Turri, Giulia
Page 353-361
Parenting a Child with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Orofacial Pain, and Dysfunction: A Qualitative Study
Leksell, Eva / Hallberg, Ulrika / Horne, AnnaCarin / Ernberg, Malin / Hedenberg-Magnusson, Britt
Page 362-371
Systematic Mapping of Pressure Pain Thresholds of the Masseter and Temporalis Muscles and Assessment of Their Diversity Through the Novel Application of Entropy
Álvarez-Méndez, Ana M. / Exposto, Fernando G. / Castrillon, Eduardo E. / Svensson, Peter
Page 372-380
Phosphorylation of p38 in Trigeminal Ganglion Neurons Contributes to Tongue Heat Hypersensitivity in Mice
Maruno, Mitsuru / Shinoda, Masamichi / Honda, Kuniya / Ito, Reio / Urata, Kentaro / Watanabe, Masahiro / Okada, Shinji / Lee, Jun / Gionhaku, Nobuhito / Iwata, Koichi
Page 381-397
Effects of Sex and Stress on Trigeminal Neuropathic Pain-Like Behavior in Rats
Korczeniewska, Olga Anna / Khan, Junad / Tao, Yuanxiang / Eliav, Eli / Benoliel, Rafael
Page 398-401
A Case of Prethoracic Pain Radiating Upward and Initiating Nervus Intermedius Neuralgia and Migraine Headache: Could Epicrania Fugax Pain Start in the Upper Body?
Wang, Yu / Kan, Pei-Lin / Tao, Yuan-Feng / Li, Xiao-Yan / Yang, Xiao-Juan / Liang, Gui-Ling
no abstract available fulltext (no access granted) order article as PDF-file (20.00 €)
no abstract available fulltext (no access granted) order article as PDF-file (20.00 €)
Online Article, Page e1-e3
Online Article: Orofacial Pain Associated with Vasospastic Angina: A Case Report
Adachi, Makoto / Hayashi, Mio / Segawa, Tomonori / Yamaki, Takahiko / Muramatsu, Yasunori / Sumitomo, Shinichiro
Online Article, Page e4-e6
Online Article: An Unusual Case of Simultaneous Bilateral Trigeminal Neuralgia Due to Multiple Sclerosis
Di Stefano, Giulia / Tinelli, Emanuele / Truini, Andrea
Online Article, Page e7-e9
Online Article: Trigeminal Neuralgia Following Lightning Injury
López Chiriboga, Alfonso S. / Cheshire, William P. Jr
Online Article, Page e10-e14
Online Article: Congenital Epidermoid Cyst Presenting as Isolated Painful Trigeminal Neuropathy: Indications for Neuroimaging in the Diagnostic Process
Kok, Kimberley / Sproat, Chris / Chong, Mun-Seng / Chandler, Chris / Thomas, Nick / Gan, Hoong-Wei
Online Article, Page e21-e28
Online Article: Differential Effect of Articaine on Sarcoendoplasmic Reticulum Calcium Adenosine Triphosphatase of Medial Pterygoid Muscle
de la Cal, Carolina / Trinks, Gabriel Germán / Corti, Santiago / Sánchez, Gabriel Antonio
Online Article, Page e29-e36
Online Article: Prevalence of Temporomandibular Disorders in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Associated Risk Factors: A Nationwide Study in Taiwan
Lin, Ching-Yueh / Chung, Chi-Hsiang / Chu, Heng-Yi / Chen, Liang-Cheng / Tu, Kuo-Hsien / Tsao, Chang-Huei / Wu, Yung-Tsan / Chien, Wu-Chien
Online Article, Page e38-e39
Online Article: Literature Abstracts
no abstract available fulltext (no access granted) order article as PDF-file (20.00 €)
Online Article, Page e40-e41
Online Article: Meeting Review
European Academy of Craniomandibular Disorders
Eli, Ilana
no abstract available fulltext (no access granted) order article as PDF-file (20.00 €)
no abstract available fulltext (no access granted) order article as PDF-file (20.00 €)